Are you ready to BE THE CHANGE?

What started as a individual beachcleanup once a week might turn into something bigger. But for that we need YOU. We are about to turn into an organisation to perform more actions and help raise awareness among the inhabitants of Sardinia and the tourists visiting this lovely island.

Contact us if you would like to be part of this movement.

Help us spread the initiative. Whenever you go to the beach, apart from leaving only a footprint, pick up some rubbish and make sure it ends up in the bin. If there are no bins on the beach or they are full, take it away with you and sort it out at home.

If you use Instagram, take a photo of the bag, of you if you like, and the place. Tag our profile: cleancoastsardinia or put the hashtag #cleancoastsardinia. Let us find you and let the world discover that Sardinia is also part of this wonderful movement.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn about our actions and initiatives. We are planning beach cleanups with volunteers.

If you have any questions, contact us via Messanger or email us:

Keep Sardinia clean. Coast to coast.

See you around! Buon mare!




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