Cleaning the Giorgino beach – pulizia di spiaggia con Greenpeace Cagliari

It felt like summer on the last Sunday of January this year, when we went to Giorgino to help the volunteers of Greenpeace Cagliari who organised a beach clean-up there.  The beach was like a big brown carpet created by the algae and spotted with pieces of rubbish – plastic bottles, styrofoam containers, countless food wrappers, straws, plastic lollipop sticks, cans…not to mention the domestic  equipment and electronics illegally abandoned nearby, which was also collected by the amazing group of young people who started the initiative. It was a depressing view – once a popular place for sunseekers reduced to a dumpsite. On the other hand, however, it was heart-warming to see such a big group of volunteers, of different ages, involved. By midday around 50 bags of trash were collected.  We left the place tired but happy, hoping that the everyone’s effort to clean the Giorgino beach will not be wasted.

A link to an article in Italian about this event with more photos:

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