Around Cagliari – cleaning Calamosca with Margherita and Sea Shepherd initative.

A tag on a photo with a great initative and we are ready to respond.

Last Sunday we joined Margherita who advertised the event in Cagliari and together with other volunteers  – surfers who follow Sea Shepherd initatives, friends and the Clean Coast Sardinia family – this time 6 of us, all present to help clean the Calamosca beach. The place was fairly clean, so we decided to walk along the picturesque road that takes you around this corner of Golfo degli Angeli, with the views of the lighthouse and evergreen hills, down to the small bays hidden behind rocky shore. Unfortunately, this beautiful place is popular not only with nature lovers, who, by definition, should respect the places they visited… it is also a place known for random encounters after the sunset, that’s why the roadsides are full of tissues, condoms, cans, glass and plastic bottles – all evidence of human activities with little respect for the surroundings. Such a shame.




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