Responding to invitations – beach clean-up – Marina di Sorso.

Helping the Puliamo Sorso e Sennori and Merifiuto initiatives. Saturday, 27 April, Marina di Sorso

We have been contacted by people behind the project who together with the Puliamo Sorso e Sennori group have been operating along the Platamona beach in the north of Sardinia, organising beach-cleanups and raising awareness among the local community and tourists of the problem of beach litter and illegal dumpsites in the pine forest nearby.

We called the friends who live in the area and we decided to give a helping hand to another group, this time in the north of Sardinia. On Saturday afternoon, we metTogether with around 30 volunteers, among which not just the inhabitants of Sorso and Sennori, but also tourists and visitors from other parts of Italy, Europe and the world. After two hours we had around 20 big bags full of rubbish, mainly plastic and glass, old tyres, a gas bottle…

What was positive about it was the atmosphere among the volunteers and the sense of doing something important for the community, hoping that more and more people will join such events in the future and that these actions will help to change the mindset.

L’articolo su La Nuova Sardegna

pulizia Marina di Sorso La Nuova Sardegna press

Puliamo Sorso e Sennori in azione. Clean Coast Sardinia da una mano.

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