Rally Italia Sardegna – Platamona beach cleanup – 10/10/2020

With the support received from the driver Thierry Neuville, Clean Coast Sardinia is organising a beach cleanup event on the northern coast during the Rally Italia Sardegna weekend. We are waiting for you at the Platamona beach “terza discesa” the third access – in front of the Sima’ Beach bar on Saturday, 10th October at 15.30

First fifty volunteers who come to participate in the cleanup, will receive a special edition t-shirts with our logo and Thierry’s number. We might also have a special gift – surprise for the under 18 🙂 the number is limited, though.

Thanks to Waste Free Oceans, we will supply our volunteers with waste collection bags made from RECYCLED PLASTIC. We also have pickers / grabbers for the first 30 volunteers and we are able to supply the first 60 volunteers with multi-use, technical, protective gloves. However, in case the event attracts more people, we ask you to bring your own gloves and a picker as we might run out of them.

We also ask you to bring the face mask for the safety reasons ( COVID-19 precautions), a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

In case you didn’t know, this event will be our THIRD event in the ICC 2020 season, as we are local partner of Ocean Conservancy. Anyone doing solitary or small group beach and coastal cleanups in Sardinia is welcome to register the data using the Clean Swell app available for Android and iOS 🙂 This year the slogan is #cleaon – we continue our mission, despite the difficult current situation, as taking all the precautions we can both protect our health and clean our coastal areas : #teamocean #cleancoastsardinia #insiemeperlecostesarde

See you on Saturday !!!!!

If you have any questions, you can email us at cleancoastsardinia@gmail.com


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