Clean-ups in collaboration with schools – CCS projects: Poetto, March 2021

A part of our mission is organising beach clean-ups in collaboration with local schools in order to educate the new generations about the importance of environment conservation and the problem of plastic pollution along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

On March 12, 2021 we organised a cleanup at the local beach ā€“ Poetto, Cagliari, for students of one of the classes of Instituto Comprensivo Statale Cristoforo Colombo

A group of 15 students together with two teachers and four CCS volunteers spend two hours cleaning a part of one of the longest and most popular beaches in Sardinia – Poetto. The result: 7 big bags full of plastic waste, 1 bag of unsorted waaste and 4 kg of aluminium cans and glass bottles. A total of 12 kg of waste removed.

We helped them to identify, collect and sort outthe rubbish making them aware of the sources and types of marine pollution and the potential risks for the ecosystem and human health.

As we were cleaning the beach, we were approached by our friend and world-famous record-breaking surfer, Francisco Porcella.

We hope that this is only a beginning of a series of educational events dedicated to the youngest inhabitants of our beautiful and precious island.

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