Cleaning up the lagoon in Elmas – 5 June 2021

This year we decided to mark the World Environment Day by organizing a cleanup along the lagoon in Elmas, a small town near Cagliari. We were invited to collaborate by the local organization Fierogatto which volunteers take care of the stray cats living in the area. We were pleased to see several local organizations and schools join the forces with us, among which the local scout team, Pro Loco Elmas, fishermen and the residents of the town that also hosts the biggest Sardinian airport.

In two hours we collected around half a tonne of waste – including plastic, glass and aluminium, car tyres, an office chair, broken plastic garden furniture and such. Yet again, we discovered a place that instead of being protected for its beauty and importance as a habitat for many birds and a fishing site, is sometimes treated as a dumpsite. The positive thing though is the number of participants – more than fifty people joined us to make a difference and send an important message about environment and animal protection to those less sensitive.

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