Clean Coast Sardinia’s school project launched

First a presentation and a workshop led by our volunteer, a marine biologist and teacher Michaela. Then a beach clean-up with the introduction to the Clean Swell App and data collection for Ocean Conservancy Report. Finally, an artistic project with two designers. Three days of events that make part of our project “La mia impronta” – my footprint, referring to the carbon footprint and in general to the impact we, humans, have on our environment.

During the presentation and the workshop the students learn about the origins of plastic, its types and its presence in almost every aspect of our everyday life. A special section is devoted to the phenomenon of fast fashion. A harmful trend that we believe teenagers and young adults should be made aware of, as the look often an important part of our life. What can be done to limit our impact? The answer to this question they must provide themselves, through brainstorming and discussion.

Then we meet at the beach where they learn more about Ocean Conservancy project of data collection – to have a better picture of the current situation, to pinpoint the most common waste, to advocate for policy change.

And finally, on the third day they meet Bruno and Martina from the Heart Studio, two designers that guide them through the final task and an artistic project – creating images using the photosensitive paper.

In December 2021, La mia impronta project was launched as part of bigger initiative of projects for schools managed by the association Malik. The students of Year 4 of the Secondary School Primo Levi were the first participants. In 2022 we will continue this project, involving other schools from the metropolitan area of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.

Photos by Clean Coast Sardinia and Malik Association.

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