Primo eco-trekking della Sardegna

16 aprile 2023: il primo eco-trekking della Sardegna finalizzato alla pulizia delle calette e delle zone costiere difficilmente raggiungibili con i mezzi di trasporto e promuovere un turismo ecosostenibile.

Raduno: parcheggio sterrato: associazione diportisti di Porto Pirastu ( indicato su Google Maps) ore 10:00

Il programma ( 10:00-17:00)

Si percorreranno i sentieri costieri da Porto Pirastu a Capo Ferrato e faremo una pulizia nelle due calette che troviamo lungo il percorso. Si tornera’ poi a Porto Pirastu con i rifiuti raccolti intorno alle 16.30/17.00

L’evento e’ gratuito e aperto a tutti ma e’ obbligatorio l’uso delle scarpe da trekking e un abbigliamento consono ad un escursione con salite e discese di circa 7/8 km.

Non e’ adatto ai bambini.

Da portare: 

Scarpe da trekking, pranzo al sacco e molta acqua

Forniremo le buste e un numero limitato di guanti (chi li possiede e’ pregato di portarli)

Ringraziamo la guida escursionistica ambientale Daniele Vitiello che sara’ il nostro accompagnatore e il Comune di Muravera per la collaborazione.

eco-trekking Sardegna Clean Coast Sardinia

Clean Coast Sardinia’s school project launched

First a presentation and a workshop led by our volunteer, a marine biologist and teacher Michaela. Then a beach clean-up with the introduction to the Clean Swell App and data collection for Ocean Conservancy Report. Finally, an artistic project with two designers. Three days of events that make part of our project “La mia impronta” – my footprint, referring to the carbon footprint and in general to the impact we, humans, have on our environment.

During the presentation and the workshop the students learn about the origins of plastic, its types and its presence in almost every aspect of our everyday life. A special section is devoted to the phenomenon of fast fashion. A harmful trend that we believe teenagers and young adults should be made aware of, as the look often an important part of our life. What can be done to limit our impact? The answer to this question they must provide themselves, through brainstorming and discussion.

Then we meet at the beach where they learn more about Ocean Conservancy project of data collection – to have a better picture of the current situation, to pinpoint the most common waste, to advocate for policy change.

And finally, on the third day they meet Bruno and Martina from the Heart Studio, two designers that guide them through the final task and an artistic project – creating images using the photosensitive paper.

In December 2021, La mia impronta project was launched as part of bigger initiative of projects for schools managed by the association Malik. The students of Year 4 of the Secondary School Primo Levi were the first participants. In 2022 we will continue this project, involving other schools from the metropolitan area of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.

Photos by Clean Coast Sardinia and Malik Association.

Clean Coast Sardinia for International Coastal Clean-up: season 2021

On 19 September 2021 Clean Coast Sardinia, together with a local voluntary association OIKOS, organised a beach clean-up for the ICC 2021 season. It’s the fourth ICC edition for us. When we first participated in 2018, we were a newly-formed association and we managed to attract rather small group of volunteers. Since then we have organised tens of events and some of our clean-ups gathered more than 200 people!

This time 62 volunteers, including 19 children and teens, cleaned Poetto beach in Quartu Sant’Elena for the ICC event. We filled 30 bags with all types of waste – mainly plastic. The oldest volunteer was over 80, the youngest no more than three years old. We were joined by students from Primo Levi secondary school, led by their Science teacher Stefania. Later, we were happy to learn that they formed a local group: CleanQ and they now organise voluntary clean-ups around the town.

Some of the volunteers moved from the beach to the nearby lagoon to clean its banks. The low water level after a very dry summer unveiled another ecological disaster: hundreds, if not thousands, pieces of plastic shotgun cartridges. Apparently, before this area of the lagoon became part of the Molentargius-Saline park, there was a skeet shooting site. We have informed the park authorities about the situation and we await their intervention.

Most unusual waste found: a fridge, a video game steering wheel, a kitchen oven, a TV set, two car tyres, a plywood door, a suitcase and 2 road signs. The total amount of waste collected: 510 kg!

PuliAMO il Poetto – ICC Day & World Cleanup Day – 19 settembre 21

In occasione del World Clean up day e dell’International Coastal Cleanup, l’Associazione Clean Coast Sardinia oganizza l’evento di pulizia PuliAM0 il Poettocon il patrocinio del Comune di Quartu Sant’Elena.

Quando e dove?

Domenica 19 settembre, a partire dalle ore 9.00;

Raduno nel parcheggio di fronte al Chiosco Blue Sky ( consultare Google Maps).

Si fa la registrazione, verranno spiegate le regole per la raccolta e la differenziata e consegnate buste, guanti e pinze(chi è già in possesso dell’attrezzatura è pregato di portarla).

Alle 9.30 si parte in due gruppi che puliranno il lato est e ovest rispetto al punto di partenza.

L’evento e’ aperto a tutti nel rispetto delle regole anti Covid.

Munirsi di:

– guanti giardinaggio / fai-da-te (ne abbiamo ma in numero limitato)

– mascherina

– scarpe comode

– cappellino

– borraccia di acqua

Clean Coast Sardinia volunteers and educators meet the children at a summer camp.

With the Crime Scene Investigation lesson and a beach clean-up that followed, Clean Coast Sardinia has launched its new project – raising awareness about the marine pollution among children who spend their holidays at summer camps in Sardinia. It was an amazing experience as the thirty children we met at Start Summer Camp in Torregrande ( province of Oristano, the west coast of Sardinia) all proved to be very sensitive to the topic of marine life protection, waste collection and fighting plastic pollution. That was our first such meeting and we hope we will be able to continue this project, collaborating with other camps along the Sardinian Coast.

We would like to thank Waste Free Oceans organization that keeps providing us with beach clean-up equipment, especially the plastic waste bags that are made from recycled plastic which also helps to limit the use of virgin plastic!