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Call to action, join Sir David Attenborough.

As a child, I used to spend my Sunday afternoons watching the BBC Earth documentaries with my father. We watched in awed silence the beauty and diversity of the natural world. I might have dreamed of becoming a biologist then…

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Tackle the plastic waste – what we, the consumers and citizens of the EU states, can do and expect.

Today two vice-presidents in the European Parliament met to talk about the Plastic Pollution. Among the ideas of how to reduce our consumer use and the initiatives already taken inside the European Parliament (Vice-President Heidi Hautala talked about quitting the…

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Clean Coast Sardinia. The beginning.

The idea was developing but it still felt a bit strange to simply go to the beach one day, take out a plastic bag and fill it with the rubbish found there. I will end up being called a crazy…

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Clean Coast Sardinia Project

The Clean Coast Sardinia Project came into existence during one of the walks along the sea on the Poetto beach – around 11 kilometres of sand stretching between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena. I had my camera ready to take some…

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